AgSourceDM Program Updates




 Added 3 new standard reports. Cows and Heifers Last Foot Trim. All Cows Bred.


 Added Embryo Inventory and updated Semen Inventory features


 Added CR / SPC calculations for Lactation # an Breeding #. See Breeding Summary report


 Added Pen and Site Definitions and added RFID tag manager


 Allow users to customize All Events. Enhance the Vet Check and Daily Attention List options.


 Added feature to import Mating Sires from a file.


 Added Test Day Fat and Protein lbs values to the Tests tab on the cow page and made these fields available on user defined reports


 Added count of selected animals in all batch entry screens.


 Added comment box to offspring page. Comment entries will post to the calf/offspring record


 Update to Holstein EASY Interface. Allow users to choose Calf ID field to export


 Changed event name Diag Not Preg to Diag Open


 Added Lifetime totals to the Lactations tab on the cow page for the animal.


 Added interface file for AGIS- Cow Manager


 Added new report named Identification Changes Log. This report logs the ID changes that you made in the program.


 Updated the SCR interface. Added function to catch any duplicate transponder #'s. Created a standard report for transponder #'s


 Added the ability to choose only Cows, only Heifers or All animals when using the Summary of Breedings report.


 Added new Standard Report - Heifer Pen Summary


 Added interface with SCR software


 New interactive graphs added to the Graphs area.


 Updated Cow Pick List to include a secondary display field.


 New interactive graphs added to the Cow Page/Events Graphs tab. 10 different production related data series are available to graph.


 Added 7 new Standard Reports. These reports combine some Cow and Heifer reports into one. Like Cows and Heifers to Freshen. Individual reports Cows to Freshen and Heifers to Freshen are still available.


 Added VISID values to all cow level Standard Reports. Placed the data entry icon on the first column on the User Defined and Standard Reports. Added a link back to the menus on the report scroll bar.


 Changed the Main Menu on the Mobile site to allow faster access to the Cow Pages.


 Most all reports are linked, click on the cows name or id to go to the Cow Page, click on the pencil icon to enter in a new event for that cow


 Redesigned the SETTINGS & OPTIONS screen. Added new data checks for Heifers.


 Added new reports in STANDARD REPORT section. Use Settings and Options to review your report settings.


 Added 5 new reports in the STANDARD Report List. ALL HEALTH EVENTS NEEDED, FOOT TRIM, PRE-CALVING CHECK for Cows and Heifers, POST- CALVING CHECK. These reports use the corresponding items from REPORT SETTING values. Think of them as individual breakouts of the Daily Attention Report.


 Added DATA ENTRY LOG report to the STANDARD Reports. Report Shows items entered in the past 2 days.


 Allow direct delete of BULLS from Sire-Semen Inventory


 Added the ability to enter in a PEN for a new born calf on the add offspring page.


 Updated Cow Page entry. Use the ADD Event button on the Event Tab. Select event type from the list.


 Updated Cow Page method of editing or deleting past events. Click on the icons located for each event.


 Updated BATCH entry screens, use Events button to select type of event to enter.


 Mating Sire fields now available on the User Defined Reports


 Added linking from VetCheck and Daily Attention Reports on AgSourceDM mobile.


 Added different settings for supporting Health and Repro events on VetCheck reports. Added Calf Sex to Cows to Freshen report.


 Added Foot Trim option to Daily Attention and Vet Check reports